List of shops to be reopened from 1 July and 15 July and what is to remain closed

More High Street shops to close as shoppers move online - Telegraph

From June 15 as per order millions from the population will get back to their work as the government has permitted reopening of shops in the UK. 

From bookstores to indoor markets all will be made available to the general public starting from June 15.

For showrooms and out of doors markets reopening date has been brought forward to June 1.

However, cafes, clubs of any sort, hospitality outlets, and screening of movies in cinemas all of this is still banned.

The changes set out today apply to England only, with Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland set to announce their own plans in the coming weeks.

A written demonstration of rules and regulations to be followed are to be posted on shop windows if possible, to not only create awareness among the customers but also to show a sense of obligation to safety measures.

 The items returned by customers should be separately stored for a duration of 72 hours before they are displayed back on the upfront.

Constant deterging and cleaning of frequently used items such as trolleys, coffee machines, and betting terminals should be intended.


However, the government insists that if the virus increments reopening of essential services can be put to a halt.

Here is an outlook of all the shops that are bound to reopen form

June 1:

·       Outdoor markets

·       Car showrooms

Provided these markets follow regulations and safety measures.

June 15

Non-essential retail can reopen from this date.

·    Clothes shops

·       Shoe shops

·       Toy shops

·       Furniture shops

·       Bookstores

·       Electronics

·       Tailors

·       Auction houses

·       Photography studios

·       Indoor markets


These will "be expected to be able to reopen from 15 June if the Government’s five tests are met and they follow the COVID-19 secure guidelines, giving them three weeks to prepare."

What will remain closed?

Apart from drive-throughs and takeaways or hospital cafes, places that are to remain closed include:

·    Restaurants, bars and pubs

·       Cafes and canteens

·       Hairdressers, barbers, beauty and nail salons

·       Piercing and tattoo parlors

·       Holiday accommodation including hotels, hostels, B&Bs, holiday rentals, campsites and boarding houses

·       Caravan parks/sites for commercial uses

·       Libraries

·       Community centers

·       Places of worship

·       Museums and galleries


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