The most important area of ​​Medina was ordered to evacuate in 72 hours

The municipality has asked residents of Al-Ahmada, 2km from the Prophet's Mosque, to leave their homes within three days.  According to the Saudi newspaper Al-Marsad, the residents of Al-Ahmadah have been ordered by the Madinah Municipality to leave their homes and move to another area within 72 hours.
 This area falls in the area of ​​Al-Sih.  According to the Saudi newspaper, the municipality is demolishing all the houses in the Al-Hara neighborhood in the area, with the aim of rebuilding the area.  Al-Hurra's neighborhood is only two kilometers from the Prophet's Mosque.

An important residential area for migrants in Medina was ordered to be evacuated within 72 hours

This area is considered to be one of the oldest areas of Medina, where the houses built are more than 80 years old.

 Most of the migrants live here, including a large number of Pakistanis.  It should be noted that a magnificent park is being constructed in another area of ​​Madinah in Qana Valley on an area of ​​16 km. This will create a balance in the natural and architectural environment in Madinah Munawara.  He visited Qana and reviewed the project and directed to complete it as soon as possible.
 The governor of Madinah said that this is a multi-purpose project.  Thanks to this, rain and flood water will be used through the valley.  The forest around the valley will be converted into a jungle park. The first phase of the project will be completed in a year and a half.  Under this, a park of 70,000 square meters will be built which will be located on the banks of the valley.  There will be benches for visitors.
 There will be corridors for pedestrians and regular tracks for motorcyclists. The valley (river) will be deepened and widened so that more rain water can be consumed in it. Representatives of natural landscapes in various places in the valley  Centers will be set up so that the citizens and visitors of Madinah can enjoy the pleasant and clean air there.

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